Course: Equine Anatomy and Health Considerations

Learn About Equine Anatomy and Health

You will:

  • Learn about surface and internal anatomy of the horse
  • Learn how to evaluate conformation and how it affects performance
  • Learn how to read the vital signs of the horse and know whether they are within normal limits
  • Learn about common injuries and illnesses in horses
  • Learn about the basics of exercise physiology and conditioning in the horse and how the muscles function
  • This course satisfies the anatomy requirement for certification in the Masterson Method™ of Equine Performance Bodywork

Equine Anatomy and Health Considerations Syllabus

Required Books

  • Horse Anatomy for Performance by Gillian Higgins, 2012
  • The Horse Anatomy Workbook by Maggie Raynor, 2006
  • The Horse Conformation Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas, 2005


I am learning so much. I am enjoying the learning! Much is becoming clearer. I realize how much I can continue to learn to improve my horsemanship. I like the way the course is structured.


Linda Allen

I really enjoyed this course and found it to be extremely informative. The textbooks used are easy to understand and the course is broken down into easy-to-manage segments. It’s not only a great introduction to equine anatomy but also covers various common health conditions that every horse owner should be aware of and understand. When I had questions, the facilitator was easy to contact, friendly, and responded in a timely manner. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge of equine anatomy.

Heather, Squamish BC, Canada

"What a great course this has been! I highly recommend it. The breadth and depth of the material forced me to round out my knowledge, and I found the teaching approach to be very effective. The print and online resources continue to be very useful, as they form a mental bibliography I can turn to when I’m problem solving with friends and practitioners.  I am now a more effective communicator in horse health and performance conversations – and that is making all the difference to growing my learning!"

Julie – Vancouver, BC


online training

Competition can be harsh on both horse and rider, so stressful that we loose site of the joy we could have with our horses. Trainers focus on training horses, we are grateful for the job they do. There’s so much they would like to say to riders that might not be well received. If we have a better understanding of the pressure we are putting on our trainers and horses, we can develop more patience and make better informed choices that are in balance for everyone.


The best horsemen will tell you they never stop learning.  The saying is true that the more we learn, the more we understand how little we really know.  We encourage you to enjoy the journey.


Train your eye to see the horse more accurately, developing confidence in your decision-making based on sound information.


Take time from riding to learn more about how the horse is built and functions in order to make horse purchases with eyes wide open.


Presenting comprehensive information presented in an easy to understand format to suit various learning styles.


Greater understanding of the issues the horse faces can lead to thoughtful adjustments to the program bringing greater ease and enjoyment.


Competing or not, we all love to excel at what we do and would like to be known as horsemen and women.  We respect that and your investment in your program.